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FreeBASIC is an open source toolset with which you can develop your own open or closed source applications, with support for dozens of popular libraries it puts the power of Basic development in your hands.
  • Support for Fonts, 2D & 3D Graphics, Sound and Physic
  • Comprehensive SDL integration
  • High Level 3D Library and Low Level GLUT and OpenGL support
  • FMOD, BASS, Klang and OpenAL sound support
  • Access to the GNU Scientific library
  • ... and much much more

Zumlin's Troopers by Agromonitor reviewd by BRP

"This is the first public Beta release of Zumlin's Troopers the 3D first person shooter being developed by Agromonitor and it follows on well from the screenshots released on the project forums.

Set in 2253 where rival corporations hire merciless mercenaries to secure their mineral deposits on barren lawless distant worlds. Zumlin leads a band of dubious charcters armed with plenty of weapons, a frantic pace and plenty of action.

Developed in FreeBASIC over the Irrlicht 3D library It is a good example of the speed and flexibility of the development language.  (Read more)

by Vdecampo
reviewd by admin
"Neuroscape is a fun little application found in the tip and tricks forum that provides the basic drawing tools for displaying the connectivity between a number of neurons. It is a simple demonstration of brain cell activity and while its not accurate it does draw some beautiful imagery." (Read more) (Visit Neuroscape)

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